WWII CD Helmet marked

Pottsville, PA.  It is in excellent condition for its age.


World War 2 Japanese silk

meatball flag.  In frame 

under glass.  

(frame 42.5" x 32.5")

WWII era Civil Defense Air Raid Warden Arm Band.

Extremely Rare WW1 Museum Quality Farrier Blacksmith Kit with Anvil and Tools.

ITEM #   M-117

US Military WW1 Wheelwright kit with contents.

ITEM #   M-116

Lieutenant Colonel Military Dress Uniform with provenence

ITEM #   M-112

MIlitary - Bedding Roll

ITEM #   M-111

Ammo Box - WW1 Wooden

ITEM #   M-110

1940s New Jersey Civil Defense Fireman's Helmet

US Army Kevlar Helmet with Camo Cover

US Army Kevlar Helmet

ITEM #   M-109

ITEM #   M-108

ITEM #   M-107

ITEM #   M-101

Extremely Rare Full-size  T-handle Shovel
Mortised and Square Pegged.
Original Paint Signed "Ward & Sh?" 
WWI, Spanish American?

ITEM #   M-106

WWII US Army Rifleman's Case

ITEM #   M-105

WWII Canadian Carryiing Case

ITEM #   M-104

WWII US Army Blaster

ITEM #   M-103

WWII Canadian pistol holster

ITEM #   M-102

Famed Flying Tigers Colonel's medals from WWI and WWII.
Sold complete only in display case

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ITEM #   M-123

ITEM #   M-128

ITEM #   M-120


World War II  US

T-Handle shovel

with cover.

Shovel marked 1942. 

AMES.  Cover also

marked 1942.

WWII Civil Defense Auxiliary Fireman Arm Band.

ITEM #   M-129


ITEM #   M-119

ITEM #   M-115

Military 20 MM Wooden Box with original metal liner.

ITEM #   M-113

105 MM brass Vietnam artillery shell.   Dated 1961

​on bottom.

World War II US

Army Prestone


Wood Case.

Dated 1943

World War II

Medical Stretcher

​Dated 1943

World War 2


push/pull cart

with 4' iron

wheels.  Approx.

53" wide by 7'-6"

long from front

handle to back 

​with tailgate up.

ITEM #   M-121

World War II


.05 Second 

Delay Box


ITEM #   M-126


WWII US Army Airtemp Stove.

Comes with Smoke Stack, Pots,Grills and tools.  Manufacturered by Chrysler and dated 1945.

ITEM #   M-124

WWII CD Helmet marked

San Diego.  It is in excellent condition for its age.

ITEM #   M-127

ITEM #   M-130

ITEM #   M-122

Extremely Rare WW2 

Museum Quality Wheelwright Kit with Full Contents.

ITEM #   M-118

Military WW2 Wooden Ammo Box

ITEM #   M-114

Military 50 Caliber Wooden Box

ITEM #   M-125


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