Two Morgantown Glass Works

4-5/8" tall Golfball stems in Spanish Red.  Made in the late 1920s.  No chips, dings, cracks that we can find.

ITEM #  G-102

Royal Doulton figure marked



Mint condition.  No cracks, chips or 


Platter in the American Sweetheart 

pattern by MacBeth Evans Company. 

It measures 10-1/4" by 13-1/2".  

No cracks, chips or dings.

This is made by FENTON between

1972 and 1980.  It is Hobnail pattern

​and is 15-1/4" tall and is in mint condition.

ITEM #  G-101

Blue Westmoreland carnival bowl.

ITEM #  G-106

Vintage Antiques and Collectables

Lake Country Antiques

American Sweetheart pattern by 

MacBeth Evans Company in Monax.

8" salad plate with all over pattern. 

 No cracks, chips or dings.


ITEM #  G-105



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ITEM #  G-104

ITEM #  G-103