Vintage Antiques and Collectables

Lake Country Antiques

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Antique Hardware from the 1800s to the 1900s

Vintage Automotive Parts

Antique Oak, Mahogany, Walnut & Wicker from the 1800s to early 1900s

Restored and as found tools from the 1800s to the 1950s.

American glassware including Cambridge, Fostoria and other elegant companies.

English and American from the 1800s through the 1940s.

Bottles from 1690 to the early 1900s.

Rare antiques and toys from the 1800s to the 1900s

Large selection of WW1 and WW2 uniforms, field gear and memorabila. Many are extremely rare and museum quality.

Lake Country Antiques offers all items in these collections for sale.  If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact us through the contact page.  Include the item number(s) with your inquiry.